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  • Product Value of Hologres, a Cloud-Native HSAP System

    In an era where more and more enterprises are embracing technology, the value of data is becoming increasingly important. This presentation is about a mainstream real-time data warehouse architecture, the pain points in its practice, and the benefits of an innovative cloud-native Hybrid Serving Analytical Processing (HSAP) system.

  • Data Warehouse, Data Lakes, What’s Next?

    In this blog, two experts from Hologres talk about the advantages that data warehouses and data lakes bring to handle large, complex architecture for businesses.

  • What is the Next Stop for Big Data? Hybrid Service/Analytics Processing (HSAP)

    In this blog, we will explain the status quo of the big data landscape with some concrete examples, demonstrate problems , and the usage patterns we’ve observed. Then we’ll introduce a new architecture – HSAP(Hybrid Service/Analytics Processing), the reasons, designs and typical application scenarios.

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