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    Eleme: Building a Refined Operation System Based on Hologres

    Food Delivery | Refined Operation System | Eleme

    Author’s brief introduction: Eleme New Retail Research and Development Department (Xie Wei, Wang Tengdi, Guo Xiaohu)


    With the continuous enrichment of data collection methods, the data volume processed by enterprises is also explodes. How to use data to empower refined business operations is the key point for enterprises to move forward. In this article, Youcai team from Eleme(a platform that offers online food delivery service) will share with you how they build the refined operation system based on Hologres, providing reference for businesses that also have refined operation demands.

    Business Introduction

    “Eleme Youcai” is the catering supply chain procurement platform for business owned by Eleme. The cooperative suppliers build their own warehouses and take the Youcai business zone(refers to the radiation range in which the resurant groups takes its location as the center and expands along a certain direction and distance to attract customers) as the service unit. The catering restaurants  in the business zone can place orders to purchase raw materials through Eleme Youcai APP or Eleme Business Edition (Napos). In June 2019, Eleme Youcai made a major strategic adjustment, concentrating more on business and geographical scope: focus on fresh food, to expand in four cities (mentioned as below  Xia Men,Cheng Du, Wu Xi, Qing Dao) .

    Business Pain Point

    Before July 2019, the selection of Youcai business zones was mainly based on the experience of business personnel, with roads as the boundary and there is a lack of necessary data support. For example, there was a lack of understanding of the number of catering restaurants, density of population and orders, delivery distance and other data in the business zones, which led to many sparse and invalid areas in targeted business zones, affecting BD(Business development)’s new catering merchants development efficiency and raising logistics costs. Let’s take Shanghai as an example. From the following figure, we can see that the division of business zones is mainly based on roads, while there are many visible invalid areas in the business zones of Shanghai suburbs.

    For LBS (Local Based Service) business, there has always been a strong demand for the location of shops in the business zone. A good location can bring huge offline traffic to the business. With the increase of business volume, how to better divide business zone  and build an accurate operation system is an urgent problem to be solved.

    In the product design requirements, the underlying data infrastructure is required to realize millisecond response while reducing maintenance time and cost as much as possible.MySQL was investigated in the early stage, but it could not meet the above requirements well. At this time, we were very lucky to meet Hologres, which is compatible with PostgreSQL ecosystem, supports direct query and analytics of offline data, supports real-time writing of real-time query, real-time offline federated analytics, and can build enterprise real-time data warehouse with product advantages like low cost, low latency, quick speed, all of which are very in line with our product requirements. Finally, we decided to build a refined operation system based on Hologres.


    Application Architecture and Scenarios

    System Architecture

    The operation system architecture built based on Hologres is shown in the following figure:

    1) Real-time data and offline data of the business are imported into Hologres in a unified way. Only one copy of the data needs to be stored.

    2) Hologres provides efficient multi-dimensional query to order, commodity, and BD data.

    3) The queried data is connected to the internal north-pointing needle system(a visual anylysis system), through the API, to formulate business zone billboard. According to indicators showed on the business zone billboard, the business zone is maintained, including the addition and modification of the business zone, etc. At the same time, the status of the business zone is also diagnosed and warned, so as to make timely adjustments to the business circle strategy, thus achieving the purpose of fine operation.

    Application Scenario

    After integrate with Hologres system, the specific application scenario of Youcai is as follows:


    After the refined operation system set up  on top of Hologres is officially launched, the most obvious business value is that the location selection of the business zone is more accurate, instead of taking a single road as the boundary, it is selected according to comprehensive factors through real feedback of data.

    Secondly, the refined operation system helps to eliminate many invalid business zones, reduces the maintenance cost of the business zones, and at the same time increases the Leads density of the business zones, thus significantly improving the customer acquisition efficiency of a single business zone. The sample part shows the data as follows.


    Before Online

    Business Zone Quanity



    Business Zone Quanity



    Business Zone leads Density



    Business Zone leads Density

    Leads Density 


    Business Zone quanity


    Xia Men







    Cheng Du







    Wu Xi







    Qing Dao















    Density of leads in zone= Number of zone Leads/Number of zone Grid

    Number of zone Leads: The number of open restaurant in the zone

    Number of zone Grid: Zone grid is a hexagonal grid based on Uber H3 algorithm

    In addition, Hologres supports both offline data and real-time data. Only one set of systems is needed to build a refined operation system, with lightweight architecture and reduced maintenance costs. At the same time, compatibility with PG(PostgreSQL) ecosystem also greatly reduces the learning cost, and developers and product managers can get started quickly. It took less than one month from the time when Hologres was determined to be used to the time when the first stage of research and development was completed and the business was launched. Based on Hologres’ high-performance query capability, Youcai analyzed the business zone in multiple dimensions according to the business zone data billboard and business zone portrait in the second stage, so as to formulate the business zone operation strategy and finally achieve the goal of fine operation of the business zone.

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